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MODULE 5: Protect Your Farm's Natural Assets
What does this module do for you?

Healthy, resilient natural assets including soil, water and vegetation underpin livestock production, increase the capital value and profitability of your enterprise, and add immeasurably to the comfort, satisfaction and temperament of all who live or work there.

A beautiful, well managed property can be a source of pride for its owners and an inspiration for neighbours and visitors.

Many sheep producers are showing how compatible boosting farm profit is with better management of the farm’s natural resources.

A well managed property can help store carbon in grasses, shrubs, trees and soil, to offset carbon released as the greenhouse gas, methane, by ruminants like sheep.

This module builds on the principle of multiple benefits and that long-term profitability and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Implementing the procedures in this module will help you build the capital value and profitability of your sheep enterprise and keep your natural assets functioning effectively now and into the future.

Module 5 Contents
5.1 Plan the vision for your business and grazing enterprise – include the whole farm team in imagining how you want your business and grazing enterprise to look in 10 years. Compare your inventory with your vision and determine the steps you must take to achieve your vision. View Procedure
5.2 Prepare an inventory of your farm’s natural assets – identify and define the amount, condition, location of and threats to the farm’s natural assets, weeds and pests. View Procedure
5.3 Devise and implement your action plan - aim to increase the resilience of the farm’s soils, water, vegetation and other natural resources; progressively reduce the impacts of pests and weeds; and protect your grazing enterprise from the impacts of climate variability. View Procedure
5.4 Measure, manage and monitor your progress towards the vision for your grazing enterprise - adapt your actions to better manage your natural resources, pests and weeds and move towards your vision. View Procedure
5.1 Indicators of saline land View Tool
5.2 Stock water requirements View Tool
5.3 The 3D approach to weed management View Tool
5.4 Weed CRC weed control tactics View Tool
5.5 Best practice guidelines for salt land View Tool
5.6 Rabbit control options View Tool
5.7 Fox control options View Tool
5.8 Establishing a photopoint View Tool
5.9 Before and after photographs View Tool
5.10 Species identification resources View Tool
5.11 Monitoring and assessment tools View Tool
5.12 Wild dogs and feral pigs View Tool