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MODULE 5: Protect Your Farm's Natural Assets
Tool 5.12
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Wild dogs and feral pigs cause considerable economic and environmental damage. AWI and MLA have both invested into research and development to assist in their control. Resources to help producers understand control options and available products include:

Tracks and Traps: E-book containing producers stories and ideas on wild dog control. Available at

Wild dog exclusion fencing: a practical guide for woolgrowers: Download (7 MB) a copy of this 36 page booklet with tips and photos on erecting and maintaining exclusion fences.

The PestSmart Toolkit ( provides information and guidance on best-practice invasive animal management on several key vertebrate pest species including rabbits, wild dogs, foxes and feral pigs. Information is provided as fact sheets, case-studies, technical manuals and research reports. Also, view the PestSmart YouTube Channel ( for video clips on best practice control methods for pest animal management.

Various State Government Departments of Primary Industries as well as AWI and MLA also have useful resources on their websites.