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MODULE 5: Protect Your Farm's Natural Assets
Tool 5.9
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Below is an example of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for helping inspire the 10 year vision.


Source: Neil Hodge, Land, Water & Wool


Source: Neil Hodge, Land, Water & Wool

These before and after photos were taken on a sheep grazing property in the eastern Mt Lofty ranges of SA. They show the impact of fencing off and revegetating a drainage line running through a saline scald. Prior to 1999 when the ‘before’ photo was taken, the scald zone became a quagmire of acid sulphate soil during the wet winter months. Five years later, revegetation had progressed to the point where the area could again be returned to productive use, providing shelter and a valuable source of native perennial fodder during the dry summer months.