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MODULE 4: Capable and Confident Producers
Tool 4.4
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This tool provides each business with the opportunity to develop a list of shared values and a common sense of purpose. Wherever possible, all members of the business (or family) should complete the exercise. Consider asking an external facilitator or trusted adviser to facilitate this exercise to ensure it is a positive and rewarding experience for those involved.


  1. Initially working alone, ask each member of the business to tick the values which are of utmost importance to them about the business (exercise 1). You may like to repeat this step for a family setting.
  2. After everyone has completed the exercise alone, share the list of values selected by each individual. Do this by allowing each person the chance to name one value, and to discuss why they chose it, before moving to the next person, who names and discusses one value. Complete this step until all people have named and discussed their values list.
  3. Once this is complete, decide on 5–6 values in common from the discussions and write them down, with a short sentence that provides some detail.
  4. The process can be repeated to develop personal (exercise 2) and business visions (exercise 3). It is important that each person completes the exercise individually and then has an opportunity for input into the group discussion.

Exercise 1. Values list

Mark 12 values on this list that you believe are of most importance to you:

Download the Values List (97 KB)

Exercise 2. Your vision

Your vision describes what you ultimately want to achieve. It should be closely aligned with your core values and will reflect what you ultimately want to achieve in life. It describes the future state that you would like your business and life to look like.

A vision should contain more about the environment you wish to work in and the manner in which you would choose to live. A vision describes why you are ‘playing the game’.

Take a moment to consider your personal vision. You can write it in words or draw what it means to you. Once you have done this, work with others from your farm business to discuss what is important to each of you and determine a shared vision for the business.

Exercise 3. Your core business

Describe what you are in the busines as of producing – your core business. Have a look at your current core business and ask yourself the following question:

If we continue doing what we are doing, will this help us achieve our vision?

What business do you need to be in to achieve your shared vision for the business?