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MODULE 4: Capable and Confident Producers
What does this module do for you?

More than 90% of farms are family owned and people have multiple roles. Tension between these roles, particularly those related to work and family, can lead to stress, poor descisions and lost potential in the people and business.

This module focuses on the people who are important to your business, whether they are family members, owners or employees, advisers or contractors. It offers practical ways to boost capacity, capability and confidence (in oneself and in others) through more effective communication, long-term planning and, ultimately, business performance.

'Best practice' can be hard to define where people issues are concerned, but this module can assist farm families and farm businesses who want to:

  • Be clearer about 'who is responsible for what';
  • Build more effective communication in the workplace;
  • Increase knowledge and skills within the business; and
  • Strike a better balance between work and leisure.

This module repeatedly emphasises the need for scheduled 'business meetings'. These are times set aside as part of the working day to deal with issues and assist the smooth operation of the business. This important discipline is called 'working on the business' and is often as important as the day-to-day activities known as 'working in the business'.

Module 4 Contents
4.1 Know who does what in the business - by working on the business and including all family members in the development of a business agreement. View Procedure
4.2 Develop more effective communication - by recognising the communication styles of those in the business. View Procedure
4.3 Develop a sound business purpose - based on the agreed values and goals of those in the business. View Procedure
4.4 Build knowledge and skills in the business - by fostering a positive attitude to change and a commitment to bringing new ideas into the business. View Procedure
4.5 Maintain a happy balance between work and family time - by creating a work-life balance that suits your business and family interests. View Procedure
4.1 Steps for establishing your business agreement View Tool
4.2 The difference between dialogue and debate View Tool
4.3 Understanding different communication styles View Tool
4.4 Developing shared values, personal and business goals View Tool
4.5 Your preferred learning style View Tool
4.6 Work-life balance exercise View Tool