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MODULE 10: Wean More Lambs
Tool 10.6
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Examine rams for breeding soundness at least eight weeks before joining to determine the number of replacement rams that need to be purchased and to allow time for them to acclimatise.

  • Body condition score should be 3.5 at mating. Feed lupins or high protein feed for 50 days prior to joining to ensure maximum testes size and sperm output (up to 750g/h/d).
  • Rams should not be lame, so if required, trim their hooves to a normal shape.
  • Testicles should be firm, springy on palpation with scrotal circumference above 28cm with no abnormal lumps on palpation. If your rams have abnormal lumps on their testicle, get a blood test to check for ovine brucellosis.
  • Examine prepuce and penis for evidence of inflammation and damage.
  • Rams should be vaccinated with 6-in-1, and jetted on the poll (and body) to avoid flystrike.
  • Any ram that has been sick with a fever in the last eight weeks should not be used for mating as high temperature disrupts semen production.