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MODULE 10: Wean More Lambs
What does this module do for you?

This module provides the framework and guidelines to set in place all the important management steps to improve flock reproduction rates and lamb survival to weaning. It enables you to:

  • Understand how to get most ewes in-lamb.
  • Value the importance of nutrition for reproductive performance.
  • Develop a management plan to prepare ewes for lambing and optimise lambing performance.
  • Understand the reasons for lamb losses at lambing and develop management strategies to minimise lamb losses.
  • Recognise the important steps to ensure weaner survival and appreciate the steps required for young sheep to meet growth targets and achieve acceptable first joining pregnancy rates.
  • Prepare ewes for next joining.

The AWI Lifetimewool project has demonstrated extra profits can be achieved by improved management of ewes. Whilst stocking rate is the key driver, enterprise profits can be increased by 10-15% per ewe in flocks that are managed to appropriate condition score targets, on top of returns that can be made from optimising stocking rate. Part of the benefit comes from improving reproductive performance of the ewes and part comes from increasing the lifetime productivity of progeny.

Module 10 Contents
10.1 Ensure most ewes get in-lamb – discusses the management of ewes and rams to achieve the best possible mating. View Procedure
10.2 Manage your ewes to improve lamb survival – deals with management of ewe nutrition during pregnancy to increase lamb birth weight and survival. View Procedure
10.3 Keep maximum number of lambs alive to weaning - targets those management practices that are cost effective and will improve lamb survival. View Procedure
10.4 Manage weaners for lifetime productivity - managing lambs immediately after weaning for survival and productivity. View Procedure
10.5 Prepare your ewes for next joining – post-weaning management of ewes to set-up the next joining. View Procedure
10.1 Condition scoring View Tool
10.2 The lambing planner View Tool
10.3 How the ‘ram effect’ works View Tool
10.4 Recommended condition score and fat score targets for ewes View Tool
10.5 Bodyweight targets for weaners and young ewes View Tool
10.6 Ram check list View Tool
10.7 Pregnancy scanning of ewes View Tool
10.8 Check list for new born lamb mortalities View Tool