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Making More from Sheep

Tamworth It's ewe time Forum 12 July 2011


  1. Alex Ball - It's ewe time (0.4 MB)
  2. Sandy McEachern - Plan for Success  (0.4MB)
  3. Hamish Chandler - Gain from Genetics (3.6MB)
  4. Mark Fergurson - The New Ewe (4.0 MB)
  5. Wean More Lambs - Chris Shands (2.0MB)
  6. Healthy and Contented Sheep - Gareth Kelly (1.0MB)
  7. Turning Pasture into Product - Lester McCormick (6.2 MB)
  8. The Right Lamb Every Time - David Pethick (2.2 MB)

Case Study
Pregnancy scanning and managing ewe nutrition are an integral part of the Hickson's merino enterprise. Click to read the
case study (0.14 MB)