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Making More from Sheep


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Module 1: Plan For Success

Procedure 1.1  Establish business objectives and plans 
Procedure 1.2   Calculate your cost of production per kg meat or wool
Procedure 1.3  Compare your business performance against industry benchmarks
Procedure 1.4 Quantify risks and develop a risk management plan
Procedure 1.5  Assess enterprise changes and new technologies

Module 2: Market Focused Wool Production

Procedure 2.1  Know the features of your wool influencing demand and price
Procedure 2.2  Use a customer focus to produce, harvest and prepare wool for sale
Procedure 2.3  Maximise returns from your wool sales

Module 3: Market Focused Lamb And Sheepmeat Production

Procedure 3.1  Decide what product you can produce most profitably
Procedure 3.2  Manage the production system to meet market specifications
Procedure 3.3  Decide on the most profitable selling method
Procedure 3.4 Respond to short and long term price and market signals

Module 4: Capable And Confident Producers

Procedure 4.5 Maintain a happy balance between work and family time

Module 5: Protect Your Farm’s Natural Assets

Procedure 5.1 Plan the vision for your business and grazing enterprise
Procedure 5.2  Prepare an inventory of your farm’s natural assets to achieve your vision
Procedure 5.3  Devise and implement your action plan
Procedure 5.4 Measure, manage and monitor your progress towards the vision for your grazing enterprise

Module 6: Healthy Soils

Procedure 6.1  Manage according to soil capability
Procedure 6.2  Maintain groundcover to protect your soil and keep the soil ‘bugs’ healthy
Procedure 6.3  Test soils for indicators of soil health

Module 7: Grow More Pasture

Procedure 7.1  Build and maintain soil fertility
Procedure 7.2  Graze to keep the desirable species productive and dominant
Procedure 7.3  Establish new pastures

Module 8: Turn Pasture Into Product

Procedure 8.1  Know your feed supply
Procedure 8.2  Know your animal demand
Procedure 8.3  Match feed supply to animal demand and minimise risk

Module 9: Gain from Genetics

Procedure 9.1  Identify the key production traits that drive your sheep enterprise profit
Procedure 9.2  Identify the genetic opportunities to improve key production traits
Procedure 9.3 Select the best genetics for your business

Module 10: Wean More Lambs

Procedure 10.1  Ensure most ewes get in-lamb
Procedure 10.2  Manage your ewes to improve lamb survival
Procedure 10.3  Keep maximum numbers of lambs alive to weaning
Procedure 10.4 Manage weaners for lifetime productivity
Procedure 10.5 Prepare your ewes for next joining

Module 11: Healthy And Contented Sheep

Procedure 11.1 Maintain your sheep in appropriate body condition
Procedure 11.2  Implement a preventative health management program
Procedure 11.3 Adopt on-farm biosecurity measures
Procedure 11.4 Manage sporadic outbreaks of diseases
Procedure 11.5  Meet all animal wellbeing requirements

Module 12: Efficient Pastoral Production

Procedure 12.1 Know your property
Procedure 12.2 Establish a vision
Procedure 12.3 Efficient pastoral production
Procedure 12.4 Determine a grazing management approach
Procedure 12.5 Match grazing pressure to feed supply
Procedure 12.6 Manage pest animal species
Procedure 12.7 Obtain best production from rainfall received

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