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MODULE 11: Healthy and Contented Sheep
What this module does for you?

This module presents an effective approach to managing the health and welfare of your flock by:

  • Implementing effective health management programs
  • Taking a proactive approach to sheep health and welfare
  • Having healthy sheep that are exposed to fewer chemicals
  • Adopting strategies that minimise chemical use and delay development of chemical resistance by sheep parasites.

The module will give you confidence that sheep parasites and diseases can be managed in a cost-effective manner to maximise enterprise profitability.

Module 11 Contents
11.1 Keep your sheep in good condition – know when each class of sheep needs supplementary feeding to achieve production targets. View Procedure
11.2 Plan an integrated health management program – implement preventative sheep health programs. View Procedure
11.3 Adopt on-farm biosecurity measures – apply strategies that keep sheep diseases out. View Procedure
11.4 Manage sporadic outbreaks of diseases – know and recognise what causes common sheep diseases. View Procedure
11.5 Meet animal wellbeing requirements – a range of husbandry factors influence the welfare of sheep. View Procedure
11.1 Energy and protein requirements of sheep View Tool
11.2 Condition score targets for all sheep View Tool
11.3 Template for a management calendar View Tool
11.4 Calculating the cost of energy and protein of common feeds View Tool
11.5 Bodyweight targets for weaners and young ewes View Tool
11.6 Water quality for sheep View Tool
11.7 Management of trace element deficiencies View Tool
11.8 Management of worms View Tool
11.9 Management of drench resistance View Tool
11.10 Management of liver fluke View Tool
11.11 Management of flystrike View Tool
11.12 Prevention of clostridial diseases and cheesy gland View Tool
11.13 Diagnosis of important diseases View Tool
11.14 Analysing the risk of potential sources of disease View Tool
11.15 Quarantine periods for important sheep diseases View Tool
11.16 Control and eradication of footrot, lice and OJD View Tool
11.17 Common sheep diseases and their causes View Tool
11.18 Zoonotic diseases of sheep View Tool
11.19 Check list of animal welfare compliance View Tool