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MODULE 11: Healthy and Contented Sheep
Tool 11.6
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The table listed below outlines important criteria for sheep water quality. Make calculations on the basis that sheep require up to 10% of their body weight in water in hot weather per day. Be aware of the risk of blue green algae in dam water when water levels are low in warm weather.

Refer to tool 5.2 in Protect Your Farm’s Natural Assets for a system for calculating farm water supply, quality and reliability.

Total salinity

Conductivity (μS/cm)

Magnesium (mg/L)

Suitability for use




Suitable for all sheep




Not suitable for lambs and weaners, caution with lambing ewes




Only dry mature sheep which have adjusted to water




Not suitable for sheep

Ensure blue green algae is not present as this can be toxic to sheep.