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MODULE 9: Gain from Genetics
Tool 9.1
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The wether calculator was developed to show the economic consequences of varying the proportion of wethers within flocks of varying fibre diameter over a range of meat values for surplus stock. A range of selection options are also available for consideration.

This calculator does not take into account some other important reasons for running wethers such as ease of management, worm control and land suitability. These considerations will need to be superimposed on the results from the calculator.

Users need to enter very simple base flock information and select a pricing (average or current) and selection option. The calculator provides a graph of predicted gross margins (five years after selection commences) over a range of wether proportions. This allows the optimal proportion of wethers to be estimated under those parameters.

The second section of the calculator allows you to specify a proportion of wethers within the flock, shows where the benefits and costs come from and calculates the gross margin/DSE.

This tool may be run on-line or downloaded and saved to your computer as a Microsoft Excel file.