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MODULE 9: Gain from Genetics
What does this module do for you?

This module is designed to assist a commercial flock owner to capture the benefits that improved genetics offers the business.

Genetics sets the potential for critical traits that drive profitability in sheep enterprises. Flock genetics also determines the markets for wool and/or meat that might be targeted.

This module outlines an effective approach to genetic selection in a commercial flock that enables you to:

  • Recognise how selecting the right genetics can contribute to sheep enterprise productivity
  • Select the most appropriate rams for your enterprise
  • Enhance profitability by achieving ongoing genetic improvement.

In the sheep industry, technologies and tools are now available to accurately source rams that meet the genetic requirements of your flock.

Photo source: Andrew Michael, Leahcim Poll Merino Stud and Sheep Genetics

Module 9 Contents
9.1 Identify the key production traits that drive your sheep enterprise profit – options and techniques to identify those traits that are most important in your business. View Procedure
9.2 Identify the genetic opportunities to improve key production traits – how to use genetics in a breeding program. View Procedure
9.3 Select the best genetics for your business – introduces the range of genetic programs and material that is available to assist the commercial breeder to select rams on genetic merit. This module does not attempt to address genetic selection for ram breeders. View Procedure
9.1 Sheep CRC wether calculator View Tool
9.2 Sheep CRC Merino versus terminal sire flock model View Tool
9.3 Australian Sheep Breeding Value definitions View Tool
9.4 Breeding values explained View Tool
9.5 Using a percentile band table View Tool
9.6 Understanding Sheep Genetics breeding values View Tool
9.7 Sheep Genetics indexes View Tool
9.8 Valuing genetic merit for fleece weight View Tool
9.9 Valuing genetic merit for growth rate View Tool
9.10 On-farm fibre measurement (OFFM) calculator View Tool
9.11 Simultaneous assortment of sheep into joining flocks View Tool