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MODULE 2: Market Focused Wool Production
What does this module do for you?

Successfully producing and marketing wool can be one of the most challenging but rewarding roles for a sheep producer. Taking a market focus to production is the basis for: planning and operation within the wool enterprise; better management of price risk; selling to advantage; and improved profitability.

This module provides a background to wool enterprise planning and is designed to assist with on-farm decisionmaking, no matter what production and marketing processes are used. It describes the influence of fibre characterisation on price, presents options for estimating wool value and offers a range of selling options. There are three procedures that form the basis for decision making in wool production, harvesting and marketing.

It introduces Woolcheque and other industry tools for valuing wool. Taking a market focus to production will help maximise the net return per hectare from wool.

Module 2 Contents
2.1 Know the features of your wool influencing demand and price – outlines the important features that influence the wool market and price received. View Procedure
2.2 Use a customer focus to produce, harvest and prepare wool for sale – looks at the on-farm management considerations that influence the quality of wool for sale. View Procedure
2.3 Maximise returns from your wool sales – introduces a number of wool valuation tools that are easy to use and provide a basis for considering the range of options for managing price variability and selling your clip. View Procedure
2.1 Simplified flow of the wool pipeline View Tool
2.2 Wool values over time View Tool
2.3 The Merino Dark and Medullated Fibre Risk scheme and National Wool Declaration View Tool
2.4 Planning guidelines for shearing, wool preparation and classing View Tool
2.5 Specifications for environmentally assured wool View Tool
2.6 Guidelines for reducing chemical residues View Tool