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MODULE 3: Market Focused Lamb and Sheepmeat Production
Tool 3.10
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Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) provides an independent source of livestock market data, collected directly from major prime and store markets. It is free to MLA members. Visit: and select species and report type from within the green heading box.

NLRS livestock market officers attend physical markets each week, producing detailed and summary reports for each market.

The signposts in procedure 3.4 list the key MLA websites for the latest marketing news, reports on markets and forecasts. Information is available on:

  • Sheep and lamb markets: NLRS provides accurate and timely market information for sheep producers. Livestock Market Officers attend 30 sheep and lamb markets throughout Australia each week – collecting, collating and analysing market data.
  • Prime sheep sales: MLA’s NLRS provides detailed weekly reporting of prices and yardings for individual stock categories sold at major sheep sales. Reports include ‘on the ground’commentary explaining local market trends.
  • Store sheep markets: NLRS reports on a wide range of regular store markets and seasonal weaner sales.
  • Over the hooks (OTH) sales: OTH sheep reports are published weekly providing information on key components of the sheepmeat trade and a description of market conditions. Weekly results are summarised into tables such as the following example:
Grade Fat Score Fat Depth Price Range Average Trend
Trade Lamb  2 - 4  6 - 20  510 - 635  560  8
Export Lamb  2 - 4  6 - 20  530 - 620  570  9
Sheep  2 - 4  6 - 20  360 - 410  386  NC


  • Summary reports: provide an overview of market trends and key indicator prices. They are freely available and are published in rural papers.
  • Detailed reports: are available as downloadable information. These reports contain an analysis of market trends and comprehensive prices. MLA members are entitled to 100 free reports each year. Non-members must subscribe before viewing these reports.