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MODULE 12: Efficient Pastoral Production
Tool 12.6
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  • Using the template below, draw up a list of areas in your operation that you have identified which could be done better
  • Provide an approximate cost of implementing the item
  • Outline the proposed benefit of introducing the innovation into your business
  • Prioritise the relative ease with which the item can be incorporated into your operation
  • Consider and record the expected time that the innovation will last for
  • Payback period for amount invested.

If you are unsure of how to calculate some of these figures, such as payback period, or benefit cost ratio, speak to your consultant, or business advisor, and they can help you with these.

Innovation/efficiency Approx. cost Benefit of item Ease of implementation, and keeping it going Longevity of innovation Estimated payback period Priority of adoption
Better working dogs $1,000 per dog More efficient sheep handling High levels of ease 6 years per dog 1 year 1
Better sheep yards $50,000 Safer handling Better movement of animals through yards Less stress on animals and people Less stress on animals and people Less staff required to perform work in yards One off – installation 20 years 5 years 2