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MODULE 12: Efficient Pastoral Production
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As with all predator control, integrated approaches, using a variety of control techniques, are the most effective means of control. There are good examples of wild dog management programs in NSW, Vic, SA and Qld that have resulted in good levels of control. These programs are successful because they involve a coordinated approach to deliver strategic and integrated control in areas where wild dogs are known to occur. Producers also need to be proactive and deliver wild dog control programs in conjunction with neighboring properties before impacts are seen in the paddock. Becoming familiar with the signs of wild dogs is extremely important as they are much more elusive than foxes and are rarely seen. Field days demonstrating wild dog control techniques and awareness of wild dog signs in the paddock are conducted by various organizations throughout the pastoral region however additional information may be obtained from extension materials on the IACRC website.

The major forms of wild dog control are similar to those for foxes. One or two regionally coordinated programs per year with additional replacement baiting programs on farm or in conjunction with neighbors will limit wild dog numbers and the threat of livestock losses. Additional tools to control, wild dogs include trapping with soft jaw traps, predator proof fencing and guardian animals. Shooting of wild dogs is largely opportunistic, but is an effective tool nonetheless.

Wild dog trapping with soft jaw traps is time consuming however when done effectively is extremely efficient and allows the producer to target individual wild dogs that are less likely to consume baits. Information on trapping is available on the internet or from the IACRC website. First hand demonstrations are provided at field days or though some professional trappers.

Download: Wild dog control planning calendar for a calendar approach to targeting when is the best time of the year to be targeting control of wild dogs.