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MODULE 5: Protect Your Farm's Natural Assets
Tool 5.11
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Monitoring tools

Quickchecks - Natural Resource Monitoring Tools for Woolgrowers: tools to measure the health of your pastures, soils, woody vegetation, farm watercourses, paddock production levels and birds. Download your free copy on-line at:

The MLA Pasture Health Kit – a field kit for producers to assess pasture health in the paddock. The kit can be ordered from MLA by:

Self-assessment tools

Farming for the Future Self Assessment Tool – move towards a sustainable farm business that is optimising its natural, financial and social resources by completing this Self-Assessment Tool, and/or implementing any number of the practices on your farm. Download the tool from:

FarmSAT – producers of any commodity can quickly assess environmental assurance issues relevant to their enterprise. Visit the website and download the tool from:

Environmental monitoring tools for Victoria: a selection of environmental monitoring tools can be found at:

The Leakage Calculator: WA sheep producers can quantify the amount of water leaking past the root zone of agricultural plants with a view to tailoring recharge minimising strategies for salinity management. Visit: