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1. News:

MLA Producer Demonstration Sites projects call

Got a great idea to help improve the efficiency and profitability of your sheepmeat or beef enterprise? Funding grants of up to $20,000 per annum for up to three years are now available to groups of producers who wish to undertake investigations to generate new, or validate existing, R & D knowledge. These grants are specifically aimed at assisting such groups, and the broader industry, in the sustainable and profitable production of red meat through efficient management of the feedbase.
Guidlines and the application form are available at Applications close on 28th August.

New rams get ewes interested

Recent research conducted at The University of Western Australia (UWA) has put a new slant on current understanding of the "ram effect". The ram effect is where the sudden introduction of rams to merino ewes stimulates ovulation within two to three days. Current recommendations are that the ewes need to be isolated from all rams for at least a month for the ram effect to work. The UWA research shows even where ewes are not isolated from rams, the ram effect can work when new rams that the ewes are unfamiliar with are introduced to the flock. For more information contact  Trina Jorre de St Jorre who is the PhD student doing the work at UWA on 0438 927967.

2. R & D Update:

New tool encourages sheep producers to be more calculating 

For sheep producers wanting to improve the performance of their enterprises, a good understanding of the current operating efficiency of the business is essential. Cost of production is a key factor affecting the profitability of sheep enterprises. Calculating your cost of production is one of the most important steps in assessing flock performance and a first step to making improvements. The new Making More From Sheep Cost of production tool can be used for both wool and lamb enterprises. For more detail on how to get the most out of the calculator and to compare your performance with typical lamb and wool cost of production click here for the full article.

3. In Brief:

Tips for using Woolcheque

Woolcheque is a simple to use tool that allows woolgrowers to price their wool clip or conduct further analysis based on AWEX national wool auction data by following 7 easy steps:
Step1: Go to
Step 2: Have your farm brand and woolclasser stencil number handy. If you don't have these, use a recent account sales document to enter test results.
Step 3: Go to "Price Your Wool" and enter your brand and stencil number to retrieve your lots from the auction database, or enter information manually using your test results.
Step 4: Edit the worksheet for changes to your woolclip.
Step 5: Choose the daily or historical price period required and click on the "Calculate Price" button to display price in cents per kilogram and estimated dollar value for each lot.
Step 6: Conduct further analysis such as reviewing similar lots recently sold at auction, looking at the effect of premiums and discounts or charting historical prices that apply to your wool lots.
Step 7: Save your worksheet to your computer for future repricing or editing.

Ewe condition at lambing

With lambing about to commence on many properties it is timely to consider the condition score and pregnancy status of ewes in the flock. The Lifetimewool Ewe Management Handbook notes that the target condition score for single bearing ewes should be 2.6 and above 2.6 for twin bearing ewes. Following the recommendations will ensure that both lamb survival and per hectare productivity levels are high.
Pasture targets for single bearing ewes are 1200 kg dry matterper hectare of green feed on offer and 1800 kg DM/ha green FOO for twin bearing ewes. For more information on improving reproduction see Wean More Lambs, Module 10, in the Making More From Sheep manual.

4. Coming Events

Over 4000 sheep producers have now attended events on various Making More From Sheep modules. These events may be small workshops, large seminars or webinars (a seminar that you attend on your computer and phone without leaving home). The one thing these events all have in common is that after participating you will be able to implement at least one of the management practices or tools from the Making More From Sheep manual on your property. Examples of coming events include:
- Wean More Lambs workshops, Kukerin, WA on August 18 and Kojonup, WA on August 20.
- Plan For Success, includes farm tour, Wagin, WA on August 25.
- Gain From Genetics - Practical Ram Selection workshop at Wongarbon, NSW on September 9.
See the Events Page on the website for more details.

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