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Making More from Sheep

1. News:
- The annual payoff to the wool industry from the National Lifetimewool project has been estimated at a conservative $15.4 m for the 3000 sheep producers that have so far adopted the key research findings. Benefits can vary from $0.40/ewe per year to as high as $7.00/ewe per year with an average benefit of $2.00/ewe per year. The major findings from Lifetimewool were that improved nutrition of the ewe during pregnancy resulted in higher lamb birth weights, marking percentages and improved lifetime wool production from the progeny, including finer micron. These changes in production and profitability can be confidently predicted from knowledge of ewe condition scores throughout the year. For more detail on Lifetimewool findings visit or check out MODULE 10: Wean More Lambs in the Making More From Sheep manual.

- The unique Halal brand that was developed last year by Meat & Livestock Australia for use in the Middle East red meat market has now gone global. The brand, which supports the majority of Australian-produced Halal red meat sold in the Middle East, is now set to appear with Australian red meat sold in Islamic countries around the world. The Halal brand appears on retail meat packs at point of sale and guarantees that the meat has come from an animal that has been slaughtered according to the strict Islamic Shariah. Under the new arrangement, Halal meat sent from Australia to Islamic countries is accompanied by an offical government certificate and stamp which is further endorsed with an authorised Islamic Organisation stamp. Australia exports beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat to over 40 Islamic countries. It is estimated that there are over 2 billion Muslims around the world and that the market for Halal products globally is worth $570 billion annually.

2. R & D Update: Information Nucleus
The Sheep CRC's Information Nucleus (INF) program, with 5000 ewes mated to 100 industry sires annually across 8 sites nationally, has already had a huge impact on assessment of industry sires. Many more sheep - not just the sires themselves - have more accurate Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV's) for a wider range of traits, giving industry a more informed choice when selecting rams. For the latest on selecting for reproductive performance, the relationship between birth weight and growth rate and selecting for plain breeches click here for an update from Deb Maxwell of the Sheep CRC.

3. In Brief:
-Training a mob of weaners to eat grain can take a long time and cause acidosis problems among the first weaners to take to the supplement before the mob as a whole starts eating. By feeding lambs still on their mothers they can be trained to recognise supplements and will remember the lesson for many years. It is worth the small amount of grain used to feed ewes and lambs 4 - 5 times before weaning.
- Small increases in weaning weight make a profound difference to weaner survival. A 20kg weaner has a 22% lower mortality risk than an 18kg weaner. See Procedure 10.4 from the Making More From Sheep manual for more on managing weaners for lifetime productivity.

4. Coming Events
-A Meat Profit Day will be held by MLA at Orange on November 12th. The day is an ideal opportunity for producers to gain valuable insights and information that can be applied on farm to help meet business goals. Included in a range of speakers will be Jenny Bradley from Armatree in the central west of NSW who will be providing some insights into her family's prime lamb business and her role as a director of the Tooraweenah Prime Lamb Marketing Cooperative. Mick Keogh from the Australian Farm Institute will outline the implications for red meat producers from a carbon emissions trading scheme. To register call 1800 675 717 or
-Over 2,700 sheep producers have now attended events on various Making More From Sheep Modules. The events may be small workshops, larger seminars or webinars (a seminar that you attend on your computer and phone without leaving home). The one thing these events all have in common is that after participating you will be able to implement at least one of the management practices or tools from the Making More From Sheep Manual on your property.
Coming events include:
Profiting from Pastures, half day workshop at Somerton, NSW, on 19th November.
Practical Ram Selection, half day workshop near Hay, NSW, on 1st December.
Practical Ram Selection, half day workshop at Condobolin, NSW, on 15th December.
See the Events page on the website for more details.
The normal schedule of workshops has been reduced as we come into harvest season. However if you have a group of sheep producers wanting a workshop on one of the modules from the manual contact your state coordinator (listed below) who can get things underway. Recent Wean More Lambs, Gain From Genetics and Turn Pasture into Product events have been very popular.
Queensland - Geoff Knights - (07) 46208121
New South Wales - Alex Russell - (02) 68811212
Victoria - Ross Batten - (03) 5662990
Tasmania - Andrew Bailey  - (03) 63365385
South Australia - Ben Hebart - (08) 82077957
Western Australia - Ed Riggall - (08) 97361583