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Making More from Sheep
Making More From Sheep

1. News:

Tackling tough seasons

Being prepared and acting early were the key messages delivered at the recent "Tackling Tough Seasons" events held in Tasmania. Presenters included agricultural climate specialist Graeme Anderson, beef and sheep producer Ed Archer, agronomic advisor Terry Horan and agribusiness consultant Basil Doonan. 

Planning ahead and up-skilling in pasture management through training and use of tools and resources were identified as top tips from the day. Becoming familiar with tools such as MLA’s Rainfall to Pasture Growth Outlook Tool and Feed Demand Calculator will improve the quality of decision making. 

Photo: Ed Archer from Landfall Angus presenting at the Oatlands, Tas event.

Sheep Industry Strategic Plan

The Sheep Industry Strategic Plan 2020 (3.2MB) was released in September by Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce.The SISP 2020 sets out the sheepmeat industry's strategic priorities for the coming 5 years. It serves as a blueprint and call to action to all parts of the industry, especially those charged with allocating resources towards research, development, extension, marketing and other industry services. The plan is structured around 11 themes of activity and aims to ensure continued focus on product quality and integrity, enhanced information flow up and down the value chain and improved access to key global markets. Click the link at the start of the paragraph to download a copy.

Photo: At the launch of the Sheepmeat Industry Strategic Plan 2020.

How to set up a biosecurity plan

A recent MLA webinar on how to set up a biosecurity plan for your farm was recorded and can now be viewed from the MLA website. While organised for the goatmeat industry, the principles apply equally to sheep and cattle producers. The webinar is presented by Emma Rooke from the Livestock Biosecurity Network and outlines the steps top go through to develop a practical plan you can implement for the protection of your property. Click here to access the webinar.

2. R & D Update:

Why prepare low worm-risk paddocks?

Using simple practices to prepare low worm-risk paddocks at critical times can reduce the number of drenches required, reduce deaths, improve weight gains and greatly lower the worm contamination of paddocks. Combining this with breeding for better worm resistance and appropriate use of drenches is the most successful and sustainable approach to worm management according to Paraboss Operations Manager, Deb Maxwell. For tips on how to develop an integrated approach for your property click here. 

3. Management Tips:

Ground cover

Drier than usual spring weather across southern Australia has resulted in poor pasture growth on many sheep properties. Producers should be planning now for management of feed supply, feed demand, financial requirements and maintaining ground cover. See below for links to tools to help with planning such as:

Overview: Feeding and managing sheep in dry times (1.2MB) booklet.

Feed Supply: Feed budgeting template

Feed Demand: Feed demand calculator and tutorial videos.

Ground cover: Measuring ground cover and litter levels

See the Making More From Sheep website tools section for additional resources.

4. Coming Events

Making More From Sheep runs a range of events mostly aimed at small groups/audiences of sheep producers looking to improve skills and knowledge on a topic of local interest, with a view to on-farm practice change. State Coordinators are available to help organise events and presenters to suit local needs and are keen to work with groups, facilitators or service providers for single events or a series of activities. For further information contact your State Coordinator.

See the Making More From Sheep events page on the website for more details.

Photo: Hamish Dickson from AgriPartner Consulting discussing nutrition and feed budgeting with the Upper North Farming Systems group at Appila, SA.