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Making More From Sheep

1. News:

Carbon Tax impact on woolgrowers

With the Federal Government's Carbon legislation now passed, many woolgrowers may be wondering what impact the Carbon Tax will have on their existing operations, or how they can take part in the carbon economy. To examine the impact of a carbon price on the future profitability of wool, AWI funded financial modelling of two model sheep farms in each of the pastoral, sheep/wheat and high rainfall zones. The results show that farm cash income will fall under the Carbon Tax, due to increasing input costs. To remain viable following the introduction of the Carbon Tax, woolgrowers will need to continue to lift on-farm production efficiency.

View or download the full report or an 8-page summary at Or order a free copy of the 8-page summaryThe Carbon Farming Inatitive - opportunities and implications for the Australian Wool Industry by calling the AWI Helpline on 1800 070 099.

Successful ram selection workshops in South Australia

More than 260 sheep producers attended a series of 17 "Practical Ram Selection" workshops held around South Australia prior to Christmas. The workshops focused on helping both breeders and buyers of rams get the most out of using Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs). As ASBVs describe the genetic merit of an animal, they can be used to predict how a rams progeny may be expected to perform in relation to a range of measured traits. For many traits (such as fleece weight and growth rate) rams can be compared on the dollar value that they will contribute to your profit through improved production (see tool 9.8 in theMaking More From Sheep manual). This can help you decide how much more valuable one ram may be over another to your flock. The workshops also covered the visual traits that are important, with host breeders describing things they watch for that don't have ASBVs. For details on "Practical Ram Selection" workshops coming up, or to get one organised for your district, call your Making More From Sheep State Coordinator.
Photo: Merino producers David Hall and Andrew Heinrich at the Practical Ram Selection workshop held on Andrew's Kangaroo Island property, "Ella Matta".

PestSmart Roadshow

A national PestSmart Roadshow will promote the PestSmart toolkit and new pest animal control products. The roadshow will showcase best practice pest animal management, brought to you by the species experts. It will also demonstrate the use and benefits of pest animal control products. Wild dogs, foxes and rabbits will be the main focus with events being held from February to May. For further details and how to register download the brochure.

2. R & D Update:

Five easy steps to ensure you are making money from superphosphate

With the high cost of fertilizer, applying the right amount in the right place is critical to improving farm profit. Click here for a review by Stuart Burge on how the "Five easy steps" can be used to tailor a fertilizer program for your circumstances.

3. In Brief:

Sheep - the simple guide to making more money with less work

While this recent publication from Western Australia is targeted at the many farmers who view the work associated with running sheep in a mixed farming business as a major disincentive to expanding their sheep operation, it also has a lot to offer specialist sheep producers who are looking to improve labour efficiency. Taking a planning, infrastructure and risk management approach, Sheep - the simple guide to making more money with less work offers a range of suggestions to improve the efficiency, profitability and enjoyment of running sheep. Click here to download the booklet (4 MB)

MLA fact sheets on attracting and retaining staff

MLA has released a series of factsheets on attracting and retaining staff based on the findings of a research report commissioned by MLA and AWI. The study was a response to current gaps in both the understanding of and solutions to the problems of securing a skilled and stable labour force, considering the problem from both an employer and employee perspective. The study is particuliarly relevant to the pastoral livestock industries, with fact sheets targeted at lage, medium and small-scale employers. Follow this link to download the factsheets.

4. Coming Events

The NSW Beyond the Gate tour will be held in Sydney on Tuesday 20 March. The tour is a chance for producers to see first hand where their levies are being invested along the red-meat supply chain. It will focus on processing, retail and food services sectors, from the processor to the plate. Over 100 producers have attended similar tours in Victoria, Queensland and WA with evaluation sheet feebdack rating the days at an average of eight and a half out of ten for value. For the full itinerary, cost and booking form, click here.

For other events supported by the Making More From Sheep program see our events page.

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