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1. News:

Sheepmeat and Wool Survey - win $1,000

The October 2011 MLA & AWI Sheepmeat and Wool survey is open now and available at . The information collected will assist MLA, AWI and other stakeholders with supply forecasting and research and development needs. All entries recieved by October 31 will go into the draw (authorised under NSW permit No. LTPS/11/08148; ACT TP 11/03600) to win a Caltex StarCash card valued at $1000.


"It's ewe time" forums rated highly

The recent series of "It's ewe time" forums were well received by participants with feedback showing an average value score of 8.5 out of 10. Around 915 prople attended the 9 forums run over 5 states. Of those attending 74% indicated that they intend to implement a practice change to their business as a result of the day. The main areas of change relate to ewe management, genetics, business practices, grazing management and lamb and weaner management. While 40% of producers plan to maintain their flock size, 58% intend to increase sheep numbers and only 2% plan to reduce numbers. Click on the link to find thepresentations, sorted by the event location.
Photo: Natasha Morley (Rural Directions Pty Ltd consultant and SA Making More from Sheep state coordinator) with sheep producers, Craig Pietsh, Bordertown SA; Craig Lowe and Ed Neumann both from Mundulla SA at the MLA/AWI ‘It’s Ewe Time’ Forum at Lameroo, 25th August 2011 


AWEX Review of National Wool Declaration

AWEX is commencing the annual review of the National Wool Declaration (NWD). The purpose of the review is to consider the content, extension and uptake of the NWD and how it is being received by industry stakeholders. The Integrity Program comprising on-farm inspections for declarations of Non Mulesed and Ceased Mulesing status and the authentication of the use of Pain Relief, commenced 12 months ago. With the benefit of experience the industry is now in a poistion to put forward suggestions on ways that both the NWD and Integrity Program can be improved. Submissions close on 28th October. For details on providing feedback click here.


2. R & D Update:

High Performance Weaners

Maximising weaning weight and post-weaning growth rate is the key to boosting weaner survival and setting up the reproductive performance of maiden ewes to increase whole-flock productivity and profits. For the full article on weaner management and details of the High Performance Weaners course run by RIST, click here.


3. In Brief:

Seed contamination of sheep carcases

Seed contamination causes significant financial losses for the sheep industry. Awareness of seeds and how to manage issues involving them are essential to profitability. Seeds are picked up in the animal's fleece and within days can penetrate the skin and move into the carcase. This can cause the animal discomfort, reducing productivity and lead to downgraded product. Seed heads that can cause carcase damage include Silver grass, Spear grass, Barley grass, Chilean needle grass and Wild geranium. Seed infested carcases can be downgraded by $1.00 per kg. With pastures going to seed in the coming months, management strategies need to be in place now to minimise the risk of carcase damage from seeds. For more information download Winning Against Seeds (1.4MB).


Ram Preparation

Ram preparation before joining is critical. Lupin feeding for 50 days before joining can increase testicle size and semen production. A physical examination for breeding soundness eight weeks before joining will assist in determining the number of replacement rams needed and allow time for them to acclimatise. See Tool 10.6 in the Making More From Sheep manual for a ram health check list.


4. Coming Events

Over 6000 sheep producers have now attended events on various Making More From Sheep Modules. The events may be small workshops, large seminars or webinars  (a seminar that you attend on your computer and phone without leaving home). The one thing these events all have in common is that after participating you will be able to implement at least one of the management practices or tools from the Making More From Sheep manual on your property. Examples of coming events include:

- Meat Profit Drivers, October 26, Kangaroo Island
- Worm control made easy, October 28, Webinar

see the Making More from Sheep 
events page on the website  for more details.


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